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12 September 2008 @ 07:17 pm

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마이카 · マイカ
10 September 2008 @ 02:16 am
Spazz Alert: There might be too many OMGs and ♥s.

BB finally sang LADY ♥♥♥ OMG It's only my favorite song from their 3rd mini album. Gaaah~ Me is very happy fangirl even if them dorks half-assed the singing.

빅뱅 - LADY

It would have been perfect if Daesungie was there. I mean, I love how Jiyong's been singing his part for all their radio guestings cos it's not very often that he actually sings. And omg I'm like in love with his voice. But none of them could par with omg!guns power vocals. Even in their first radio live singing without the Dae, it seemed that no one wanted to be burdened by singing his part. TOP said he would do it but GD was the one who stepped up, which wasn't that bad really. Except they were all lost during that time. Maybe they still haven't discussed the singing parts yet.
OMG cameraman-ssi! Do you have do be all over the place just like this song and perf? I'm lacking sleep and it's already 3AM here and you're not helping at all with the dizzyness.
OMG Bong's English. OMG Bong's singing. OMG Bong. OMG Bong and TOP forgetting the lyrics. XDD
OMG YB. Are you feeling much better already? OMG Baby. ILU. Why are you so far from your hyungdeuls? Them bullies been mistreating you again? OMG. OMG. OMG smiley TOP when he forgot the lyrics. OMG Bong's Ha-Ha. OMG Bong's laugh. ♥ 빨리 call call call ♥ Kwon Leader prolly got tired doing double duty and reaching for the high notes towards the end.
Please to be practicing more so that it'll be perfect next time. Please to also be working on your timing and lyrics. And please omg!guns to be present during that time. You just have to be there. You just have to!

BABY - 와줘

Yeah!! Baby Fighting! It's cute how he didn't finish the song just cos he wasn't able to reach a note? Even YDH asked why he suddenly stopped. LOL
Don't worry babe, we still love you ♥ I love you even more for singing my fave 7 song. ♥♥ And now I'm forced to reminisce about the times spent fangirling 7. XDD

Goodnight from me and G-Dae.
sleepy bbs
Poor babies are dead tired. *hugs*
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